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I have spent a great deal of my life battling illness. I suffered from Crohn's Disease and eventually had abdominal surgery, thwarting the Crohn's and budding cancer cells. Since my surgery in 1995 I have been relatively free from Crohns', although I had several subsequent surgeries related to my ileostomy..When my disease was in remission, I don't think my husband realized how bad it could get, but he has stood by me. I also have suffered from various autoimmune disorders and am diagnosed with Stage IV Kidney Disease. Fortunately, I am maintaining and do not need dialysis at this point. We adopted our son and later found out he had cerebral palsy, so he became my career. Dan has had two surgeries and tons of therapy and is able to walk because of it. He is a college graduate and is employed as an Information Specialist. We are very proud of his accomplishements. I am now part of the retired generation and still getting used to the idea. I do enjoy crafting, traveling and being with family and friends. I am active in my church and feel that the hardships we endure are there to build our faith. I like to live life in the "now" as we never know how much time is left.

Monday, July 11, 2011

I Need a New Habit

I started my day well.  I had a fabulous outfit on for church.  Since I had no one to take my pic, I will describe it here:  Black and silver blouse, black capris, wedge sandals, black malachite bracelet, pendant on a black cord.  Even though it was mostly black, it was really quite chic.... I looked great and felt great in it.

The weekend has been boring.  Saturday was a graduation party for a neighbor, but other than our neighbors, we didn't know anyone.  The weather was kind of dismal also.  Went to bed early Saturday night.

Went to church yesterday morning in my fabulous outfit.  Againd, boredome set in.  I also had a craving for a good burger.  So we went on a road trip for a burger.

I wanted to go to the casino.  It is a sickness...I know.  I got my way and we all lost.  I cannot afford it and will probably have to take out a loan to go to Washington DC in Fall.  I am keeping track of my losses to somehow drum it into my head that it is a losing proposition.  I think of all that I could have done with the money instead of squandering it in the casino.  Enough said.  I will overcome this addiction too!  Maybe I should get addicted to exercise?

Today I have to have a dobutamine stress test....ick!  They give me this stuff that makes my heart feel like it will explode and do an ultrasound at the same time.  I hate the feeling of my heart pounding so hard.  It is scary.  Nothing is wrong, but I need to have it as a screening for my transplant doctor in case they ever want to give me a kidney.

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Serene said...

Hey there! Your outfit sounds fabulous! by the way, I used to get that pounding in my heart after I ate a big meal. It scared the poo out of me!! Seriously, heart disease runs in my family. Once I lost weight, it went away...Thanks to God! Alright girl! Stay away from those casinos! ~Serene