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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Our Little Getaway

Lost my post before I was finished.  Has that ever happened to you?

Sunday afternoon we left for our two day getaway.  We traveled to Baraboo, WI, near Wisconsin Dells, in the south central part of the state.  We got there around 4pm.  After settling into our hotel room, we went out to check out the casino.  Needless to say, I lost all the money I had set aside specifically for gambling.  After the three of us had determined we had enough, we went to The Pizza Pub.  It was not as good as I had remembered.  There was nary an onion or mushroom on it, and the sausage was a tad crispy.  With full tummys we went back to the hotel, watched a bit of TV and fell asleep.

Monday morning....what to do?  We thought of going to Circus World.  It is the home of the famous Barnum and Bailey Circus.  Although it would be interesting to see the antique circus wagons, posters, and memorabilia, we decided against it.  It was just so hot out, and the thought of elephants and lions in the heat didn't appeal to me.

Plan B:  Let's go on the Jet Boat!  We had been on the Jet Boat before but that was in the Upper Dells,
separated by the dam and power plant from the Lower Dells.  Let's try the Lower Dells.  We got our picture taken (to prove we were on vacation).  In the past we got slightly wet, so I wanted to sit on the outside of the boat so I could get wet.  It was dang hot out!
Our driver, a college student who earns his money with tips promised to entertain us with sudden stops, 180° turns, and some Dells history.  He also promised to get us wet.  He didn't disappoint!
We got drenched right down to our underwear!  I never laughed so hard and it was nice to see our son enjoy something that didn't involve electronics.

The Dells is an area with pre-Cambrian rock layers and part of the Kettle Moraine glacial area.  The area is very hilly and beautiful.  Wisconsin Dells is VERY touristy.  All shops, amusement parks and home of the largest water park in the U.S., Noah's Ark.  Been there, done that, too old to do it again and it "ain't cheap!"

After changing our clothes, and reapplying my makeup, we went over to the Tanger Outlet Mall. Never met a mall I didn't like.  I was looking forward to the airconditioning.

The mall was actually outdoors, with the AC in the stores only. Still, it was nicely layed out, I had my map, and my plan.  They boys and I split up to meet in a hour and half.  Time was of the essence!  I checked out a few stores but felt lost in them, then I went to Christopher and Banks.  Ahhh!  I was home!  This store had petites, misses and women's all in one room!  The associates weren't a size 2 and 21 years old!  I was in my element.  I grabbed all that said "buy me," tried it on, and ended up with a pair of dress jeans for $6.99, an elegant tee, jacket and tank, and dress pants for work that were oh so comfortable.!

After shopping, we went to Marley's Caribbean Bar and Grill for Dinner.  The food was different and had little umbrellas in it.  It was a cute place, but Jim was still hungry when he left.  I was stuffed (Seafood Alfredo).

We rested and were going to go swimming at the hotel.  The pool was full of kids throwing balls, the hot tub was broke, so that was the end of that!  We watched TV instead. 

Left early yesterday, stopped at an excellent restaurant on the way home, Backyard Barbecue and Grill in Fondulac.  Delicious!  (I'm all about the food!)  Good ending to a too brief of vacation.



Looks like a very FUN trip!!!Getting soaked, maybe not ! LOL!!
Thank you so much for the prayers for my BFF!! It's greatly appreciated.
I would love to go to Door County..someday!

Gill - That British Woman said...

what great photos, of those "rocks". I am like you I love all malls too!!!

Gill in Canada

Linda said...

I wanna go on the jet boats!!!! love boats. I loose my posts all of the time but find them b/c they are automatically saved, look under drafts.

Lyn said...

You packed a lot into your short break didn't you?
Looks like greaat fun and I am sure it has been a welcome vacation.