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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Our Little Getaway

Thursday we left for our little getaway. On the way we stopped to pick up Wisconsin cheese curds.  The first of our shopping trip.  (you'll see a trend here).
Our hotel was new and very modern and clean.  I got a good rate, condsidering all the hotels in the area were booking up.  We found out there was some kind of baseball tournament going on.
That night we went to a Mexican restaurant in search of the perfect chimichanga. 
Looks delicious, doesn't it?  Well, the ground beef tasted old or something.  Thankfully, we didn't get sick.
That night we drove to a casino.  It was such a beautiful drive along the Wisconsin River through Wisconsin Rapids.  But....would hubby stop so I could take a picture....?  Nooooooooo!  "It's just water."  Men!  I did well at the casino but our son was in a very whiney mood when we left.  He didn't actually expect to win, did he?
Friday we had a good breakfast at the hotel.  We drove to Steven's Point and Jim showed us where he went to school at the university and what dorm he lived in, etc.  We walked around the square.  There are more bars and pubs than shops.  I liked the looks of this one.
All the buildings were older and many had murals of settlers log rolling and such.
There was this group of kids singing for Crazy Days Sales.  I didn't shop, but  I did have to get their picture!
It was then time for the brewery tour.
That's a lot of hops and grain and such.

After the tour, we got to sample the beer.  We had a choice of several beers (I like the lighter beer), root beer,  crème sodas and flavored ciders.  Our son started with the cider.  He isn't a beer drinker at all.  He tasted it and we thought he was going to get sick by the expression on his face.  We couldn't get over his expression and laughed quite a bit.  I preferred the sodas.
My battery died on my camera, so some of my pictures were a bit fuzzy as I had to turn the camera on and shoot quick.
We drove around some more and went back to the hotel to swim and sit and relax in the hot tub.  We had the place to ourselves Friday afternoon!  For dinner we went to a Chinese buffet that had the best seafood, yummmmm!  Didn't get a picture; I was too busy eating!
On the way home Saturday we stopped and bought some corn and also stopped at the Ripon Cookie Outlet Store.  So, you see, it was a shopping trip too.


Ofelia said...

Ahhh camera problems!
It looks like you did a lot and have a lot of fun!

NanaDiana said...

Sounds like you had a great getaway. I take it you went West towards the Mississippi? We were in Stevens Point this afternoon for a picnic with some people that we work with. Actually it was in Plover-close to it. Sounds like a shopping trip to me- kinda!;>) xo Diana

Linda said...

sounds like it was a nice getaway!

BadPenny said...

I love seeing pictures of places I'll probably never get to visit x

Lyn said...

A whistle stop tour!