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I have spent a great deal of my life battling illness. I suffered from Crohn's Disease and eventually had abdominal surgery, thwarting the Crohn's and budding cancer cells. Since my surgery in 1995 I have been relatively free from Crohns', although I had several subsequent surgeries related to my ileostomy..When my disease was in remission, I don't think my husband realized how bad it could get, but he has stood by me. I also have suffered from various autoimmune disorders and am diagnosed with Stage IV Kidney Disease. Fortunately, I am maintaining and do not need dialysis at this point. We adopted our son and later found out he had cerebral palsy, so he became my career. Dan has had two surgeries and tons of therapy and is able to walk because of it. He is a college graduate and is employed as an Information Specialist. We are very proud of his accomplishements. I am now part of the retired generation and still getting used to the idea. I do enjoy crafting, traveling and being with family and friends. I am active in my church and feel that the hardships we endure are there to build our faith. I like to live life in the "now" as we never know how much time is left.

Friday, August 30, 2013

The Garage Sale

Garage sales can be alot of work but so worth the effort!  For me it meant visiting with my sister for a day, and a good friend or two the next.  I love running into old friends and meeting new people as well and chit chatting with them.
I had my sale Wednesday and Thursday.  We had my son's old bike with training wheels (like new because he couldn't ride it with his handicap).  Someone bought it who was going to donate it to  "adopt a family" for Christmas.  Some little boy will love his shiny red bike!
I had rubber stamps and scrapbooking supplies and met a very nice lady who would love to come to the next stamping party!  I didn't sell many rubber stamps although they were priced at a buck!
Had some of my Betty Boop Collectables.  I decided it is time to pare down the Boop Room.  Two people took my name and number for future reference.
Purses, clothes, cookies sheets anyone?
Had this little flower growing in the crack of the driveway before the garage.  Watched as peoples stepped around it or near it.  Guess who ended up squashing it?  Moi! Oh darn!

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly?

I have signed up to volunteer at the Senior Center as a receptionist.
I think I will like that.  I also signed up and got an  "exercise punch card."
Ten visits for $10.
I am working on having a rummage sale this week.  There is so much stuff, but I think I will save some for next year's sale!  My sale is Thursday but will have presales on Wednesday.  I
have to have another mammogram on Friday and being the holiday weekend, felt it didn't pay to be open that day.
Yesterday I went with my bff to Appleton to take her granddaughter to meet up with her parents.  We went to Archivers, our favorite scrapbooking store.  All I bought was a die cut scrapbook page.  Then we went to Goodwill and I didn't buy anything!  I am in a slump.
That is what brings me here.  I am feeling down in the dumps.  Is it because my antidepressant has been decreased?  I am feeling so useless since being unemployed.  I am also suffering from a poor self image.  I have gained so much weight.  I HAVE to watch what I eat.  Starting in September, I am putting that exercise punch card to work.  Keep me accountable, please.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

County Fair Time!

Doing laundry, going through stuff, bringing it up for my upcoming rummage sale.  Oh there is so much more that could go!  I just don't have the energy to sort it all out.  Maybe next year?
My sister and I met Mom at the County Fair.  The aides take the residents out for the fair.  We
went through the 4-H building, the Exhibition building (everyone hawking their wares to political views), then we stopped for a fresh hot ham sandwich.  My sister opted for smelt (a very small fried fish).  Oh good, they weren't going back yet!  Time to see the bunnies, chicks and ducks.  The roosters were trying to out do each other with their crows!  We enjoyed teeny weeny donuts, an ice cream cone from the dairy stand and free popcorn!  I was stuffed.  We took Mom past the food
stands, the rides and watched the kids on the "sick" machines and giant slide.  She had another good day.  Sister and I decided that as long as Mom feels good enough, we will take her on an outing once a week.
This weekend between laundry I will again work on my rummage sale.  Set up my tables and start bringing things out (up?).  Already put my ad in the paper, but forgot to list the time (when the door is open?)
Will set aside Sunday for an outing with my husband.  It is supposed to be very hot and humid.  To go to the Art Fair or up to Door County and a drive along the lake?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

This, That, and in Between

Time just flies by.  What did I do last week?  I don't recall.  Maybe that is just as well.
I better tell you about my weekend before I forget about that too!
I went camping with my sister to Harrington Beach State Park.  Love that park!
When we have our campfire, I am always the first to go to bed....just can't seem to make it past 10:30.
Saturday morning woke up early.  My nephew nudged me outside, pointed to the sun, and started singing "Red Rubber Ball."  It was breathtaking.  Did I have my camera?  NO, but the red sun was stunning. 
We took the path to the "shuttle" that takes us around the park.  This time we went to the beach.
This photo is from their website.  It was sunny the day we visited.  We walked past part of the beach where there was rotting seaweed....NOT a pleasant smell!  Quick!  Get to the North Beach and up the hill!  I climbed the hill holding my nose!
Last year we went to the quarry
We had shish kabobs again, courtesy of my nephew and his fiancé.
Yesterday I went to Goodwill and found two new tops.  One is coral with a cute button embellishment and the other is a light yellow sweater with 3/4 length sleeves.  It was senior discount day and green tag day.  Some days you just gotta shop!
Visited my Mom before she went to see her doctor.  She is doing well.  My sister took her to Younkers as they had a wheelchair.  Mom bought two new tops.  She had not been out shopping in two years.  Brings a tear to my eye.  Glad she had a good day!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Rennaissance Faire

Off to the Renaissance Faire in Bristol Wisconsin!  Saturday was a hot and muggy day but we drank a lot of water and soldiered on.
Before we got through the gates we got a "welcome" from the "privy cleaner"

MooNie could walk the tightrope, juggle, and was funny as could be!
Isn't this a fun jungle gym?


The acrobats were enthralling!
 We chatted with the Falconer!
The mud show was fun!
We ended the day with a good joust!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rogers Street Days

Friday night I went with my bff and her grandson to Rogers Street Days.  The old fishing village is on Rogers Street in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.  The museum was closed but there was music and food.  We went there for the fried smelt.  Left early in the evening so it wasn't that busy. 

The top of this light house is very old, and has the history of the
Coastguard  on the Great Lakes, especially in Two Rivers.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Annual Red Hat Picnic

Last night was our annual "picnic."  We have it indoors at the Senior Center so we don't have to compete with rain, mosquitos or flies.
We still have the usual picnic food, hamburgers and brats, postato salad, beans, etc.  The food is always good.
We played a new game.  The game consists of many, many bags of costume type clothing, slips, neckties, panties, tutus, hats, boas, you name it.  We gathered in a circle and as the music is playing we pass our bags around the circle.  When the music stops, you have to put that article of clothing on.  It gets difficult when you have several layers on, not to mention, HOT!  I ended up wearing a cap, a top hat, a basketball jersey, one full slip, one half slip, one tutu, a tie and a lei.
Here is the whole gang who participated.
...and the ladies from our group:
The food was good, we had a lot of fun.  Some lucky ladies won  a door prize.  We laughed a lot!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Sunny Sunday Birthday Party!

Yesterday was the celebration of my great niece's 5th birthday.
Mackenzie is special to me since we haven't had a girl in the family since her mom was born!  She is "sugar and spice and everything nice" with a little "puppy dog tails" thrown in.  (Mackenzie had cut off her hair a few weeks ago.)
Mackenzie with mom, Jessica.  Jessica is special to me too because she is the daughter of my late sister, Wendy, who passed away when Jessica was only seven.  I always wonder what Wendy would think of her children and grandchildren if she were living.  Jessica is all about Brewers baseball, Texas Holdem,  and such, but she is a good wife and mom.  Come to think of it, my sister was a bit of puppy dog tails too.
The kids all had their suits on as they played with water balloons and the "Slip and Slide."  I didn't get close enough to the water to get a picture of that!
Mackenzie got about 4 dolls and many outfits (so cute).  Mom and Dad got her her first bike.
It had a bike for Barbie too, but Mackenzie noted, no helmet!  I believe she is feeling awesome in her new helmet!

"Barbie, we're doing it!"
The sun was hot, the food and company were good.  We all got a tad sunburned and a good time was had by all!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Movie Review

Yesterday was a lazy start.
Then, after lunch, I stopped and rented a video, "Identity Thief"  with Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy.  It is quite a funny movie.
I rented it so Mom and I could watch it together.  Wish I could say she enjoyed it, but her eyesight is going.  So, naturally, she said the TV is too dark and she can't see scenes where it is night time or in dim light.  I do recommend it though for a few good laughs and a sweet story.  I won't be renting a movie for her again, unless it's animated.
After the movie, we went for a walk outside.  In the gazebo were several people playing cards.  They asked my Mom to join and she was delighted.  They were even playing for money....five cents!
I went to Mom's room to get her pocket change.  Since she was so happy to be playing her favorite card game, Sheepshead, I kissed her goodbye for the day.
Today I am going to my great niece's fifth birthday party.  Mackenzie cut her hair so this will be the first time I see her with her new "do."  I am excited to see her and my niece.  We will probably cook out and relax in the back yard. The weather is nice, not too hot, not too cold and the sun is shining!
Have a great day!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Camp Tour and More

I lost my blog.  After inserting about eight pictures and several paragraphs, I clicked, and poof!  My blog disappeared!  For some of what I wrote about go here:  http://lindaloveschocolate.blogspot.com/
I could try again, but I don't feel like I could go over everything again!  My bff Linda, sister Connie and I went on the bus tour which was generously provide free of charge.  What a great day!  We had lunch from the taco and salad bar at Imago Dei, our first camp. Touring the camping village was a bit of a turn around for me.  I taught confirmation 35 years ago and had gone with the class and other teachers for a retreat weekend.  The man who was pastor at the time explained all the changes to me at the camp and retreat center where we had stayed.
   It rained on the way to the second camp, but dried up by the time we got there.  (I only got two mosquito bites.)
This is my favorite photo of Waypost Camp from a time when we went to a scrapbooking retreat.

Change of Subject:
Mom's endoscopy went well.  They found some ulcerations in her esophagus so at least now they know how to treat her with more antacid and Maalox to coat it.
I visited her again yesterday and we sat in the gazebo.
Today I am doing laundry, go for a bike ride and relax.  I am liking retirement!