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Monday, March 23, 2015

Wednesday - "The Texas Whitehouse" and More

As the bus moved along on the free range ranch, we had to stop for cattle.
The house itself was modest.  LBJ bought the ranch from his aunt, as he remembered spending many days as a youth there.    He put on some additions, but the house was still, rather small.  His boy hood home, school and church are still present on the ranch.  Separated from the main road by a river, it had a natural "moat" to keep Vietnam protesters at bay.

The ranch had room for a airstrip, and presidential jet.
There was also a large garage holding his presidential Cadillacs!
His pilot had to stay somewhere, and later it was the home of his secret service agents.  They stayed until Lady Bird's death in 2007.

 Many of the President's meetings were held beneath this live oak (which was about 300 years old).
He met with dignitaries from his cabinet, and other countries, sitting in lawn chairs in the clear country air and where LBJ had home field advantage and could relax.
LBJ's home was the first of it's kind in latest technology.  He had three TVs in the main areas of the house where he could watch the three major networks for the news.  He would have the sound turned down, and if something was about his administration, he had his (big) remote to turn up the sound on
the channel he wanted to hear!    He could see his TVs from the family dining room where he sat at a huge ugly cowhide chair that Lady Bird did not like!  He had dimmer switches in his bedroom, a "wireless" phone in his study (we were not allowed to take pictures inside the house).  There were three desks, three typewriters, three radios, and three telephones all in the study working at once between him and his staff.
It was quite the interesting tour!
We then went on to Fredricksburg (think Door County, or any tourist town filled with specialty shops and gift shops!)  We had a nice lunch and looked around.  Our favorite spot was "Rustlin' Rob's"
Jim's favorite part, the hot sauce shelves!  The names are hilarious and some of which I won't repeat here!
Just about every jam, dip and salsa was HOT!  It didn't matter if it was labeled mild, it was HOT for this northern girl!  I bought some fudge and chocolate banana peanut butter.  YUM!  Jim got some chili mix....wonder how that will be?
We then went on to the National Museum of the Pacific War.  I am sorry, but that was not my cup of tea and so large, I became tired, went to the lobby and got engaged in a lively conversation with the volunteer who welcomed us.  I was telling him how many of the subs were made in my hometown of Manitowoc, Wisconsin!
Another conversation was with the cute couple on our bus, Lloyd and Carol.  Lloyd is 91 and sharp as a tack!  He is also a WWII veteran and was an airplane gunner during the war in Europe.  What some good stories he had!


Sandy said...

Love all your pics and info. Hope you are enjoying yourselves.

laurie said...

what a great place to visit, my son would love the hot sauce shelves, it would be fun to read all the names, sounds like a wonderful time!

Linda said...

You certainly learned a lot on those tours....my problem is that I never remember a thing.

NanaDiana said...

LBJ's old homestead sounds really interesting. I am glad you had a good time visiting there. Blessings- xo Diana

Linda said...

This is such a great post, and I love all your photos. The cattle are beautiful! :) Thanks so much for sharing this lovely tour.