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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Weekend Trip to Prairie Du Chien

I had a wonderful weekend away in Prairie Du Chien with my hubby last weekend.
Unfortunately, the closer we got to the Mississippi, the more faded the trees became.
At home, they looked like this:
We departed on Saturday when Jim got home from work.  After more than four hours, with a few stops, we stayed at a Best Western.  It is so difficult to pick out a motel online.  The room was nice enough.  Good breakfast.  Our bed had a hill.  I slept on the top of the hill on Saturday night.  The next night we switched, and Jim said there was still a hill and he slept on it.The shower didn't adjust.  The water came out like a hose and not a nice spray.  Oh well, we survived.
We didn't go out for any "fancy" dinner on our anniversary on Sunday,  as we were eating out all weekend!  I thought of dining at a supper club, but we just weren't that hungry!
I accidentally deleted my photos from the weekend, and I had some really good ones!  Don't ask me how I did it, but I must have "Deleted All."  Somehow the photos that I shared on Facebook remained.  Jim took some and I have a ton of postcards and fliers.  AND, we have our memories!
On Sunday morning we started with a trip to McGregor, IA to Pike's Peak State Park. 
Waiting for more sunshine, we ventured off on a hiking trail.


How low can we go?

These are the Falls?  (look closely)
Remember, what goes down, must go back up!
I thought I was going to die!  Keep singing, "Climbing the Stairway to Heaven!"

As sunny as it got!
Time for a break.  It was cold out (at least I had gloves and my hands were still cold), I was winded, and my legs felt like rubber bands.  My left foot has some kind of fascitis, so was walking funny which threw off my whole left leg and hip!  I was walking like Chester (from the old western, Gunsmoke) the rest of the day!
Onward to see the Villa Louis  This is the oldest estate in Wisconsin.  Prairie Du Chien is the second oldest city with Green Bay being the very oldest.

The mansion was owned by the Dousmann family.  Originally a red brick house, it was rebuilt for Louis' second wife who wanted indoor plumbing (do you blame her?) and electricity.  The d├ęcor was quite ostentatious as was the style in Victorian times.
What was truly fascinating was that the original furnishings were still there!  The furniture had been reupholstered and the walls were restored.  Much of the estate (the carriage run, carriage house, etc, had perished in a flood since the estate was on St. Feriole Island on the Mississippi).  There was still the office building which included a billiards room.  Many a business deal was made there!
Time for lunch, a nap, and the Packer game!



NanaDiana said...

Oh- I just love that area, Deb. Sorry you had problems with your leg, foot though. I have never been through that mansion. We went a couple of times and were there on off hours so we never got inside. Even the grounds are great though, aren't they?
Happy Anniversary. I am glad you two were able to get away. xo Diana

Linda said...

Looks like a great trip, love the hiking trail. It's always fascinating to see those old homes, I hope to get there someday. I know how you feel about losing photos...............I lost a bunch from a trip Kevin and I were on a long time ago, nope never forgot that I lost them either. Yes, you will have your memories and some photos.

Linda said...

I hope your leg is healing well, Deb. Happy Anniversary! Your photos are gorgeous!

Sandy said...

Wow! Did the hiking trails ever change at Pike's Peak Park. There was barely dirt/stone paths when I used to go. We used to go under the falls(Bridal Veil Falls? can't remember) I should find my old pics and show you the difference. They trails were dangerous when we used to walk them, and we were ready to die by the time we got done and we were young.
My favorite place to go. We even checked out local bars down town(fun back then), stay at the motel on the river down town and ate at some diner(catfish place) right by river. Loved the little town, beautiful houses down there,even one built into the side of the rock.

Oliva Ohlson said...

Thank you Deb for the virtual trip!!! Beautiful photos and gorgeous places you visited! So much fun to get away with Hubby!!! I hope you are feeling better soon!
I love hiking and it's so much fun going down, but hiking back up is a pain... I have crossed out Best Western out of my places to stay...thank you for the tip!

Have a wonderful weekend!