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I have spent a great deal of my life battling illness. I suffered from Crohn's Disease and eventually had abdominal surgery, thwarting the Crohn's and budding cancer cells. Since my surgery in 1995 I have been relatively free from Crohns', although I had several subsequent surgeries related to my ileostomy..When my disease was in remission, I don't think my husband realized how bad it could get, but he has stood by me. I also have suffered from various autoimmune disorders and am diagnosed with Stage IV Kidney Disease. Fortunately, I am maintaining and do not need dialysis at this point. We adopted our son and later found out he had cerebral palsy, so he became my career. Dan has had two surgeries and tons of therapy and is able to walk because of it. He is a college graduate and is employed as an Information Specialist. We are very proud of his accomplishements. I am now part of the retired generation and still getting used to the idea. I do enjoy crafting, traveling and being with family and friends. I am active in my church and feel that the hardships we endure are there to build our faith. I like to live life in the "now" as we never know how much time is left.

Friday, December 23, 2016

You'll Always be My Friend

I wasn't quite ready to write this.
My dear friend of 26 years has left this world.  Several times she had heavenly visions.
Even her husband, who has not always been the most spiritual person, saw an
apparition bending over her bed.  When he got up to look there was no one there; no one in the hallway.

Linda's husband Kevin, took very good care of her.  When he had to work, he made sure that one of her friends was with her over lunch time till she was ready to rest again.  When he had off, he was there from morning till night.

Last week Friday, she took a turn for the worse.  Kevin was called from work.  He stayed with her
all the time, even overnight, barely sleeping but went home a few times to shower and get fresh clothes. 

Kevin had told me that the time was close for Linda. I had not been there since last week Tuesday, but on Tuesday the 20th, I asked my husband to go with me to the nursing home.  Jim is also Kevin's friend. I thought it would bother me, but it didn't.  She was resting and at peace.

 I held her hand while I was there.  Kevin and Jim talked about everything under the sun.  I think it did Kevin some good.  We stayed a few hours, so Kevin, too, could rest.  Later on his sister and her husband came to keep him company.

I received a call later that night.  Linda had passed around 8:30pm.  I have been crying off and on, but I have been in mourning over our loss for a long time.  That is the thing with cancer.  The person you once knew is not the same anymore, but somewhere in that frail, failing body, was my Linda!

Oh sure, we had our misunderstandings, but the important thing is that we always made up and in the end we had resolved any hurts, holding on to one another and vowing to always be friends.

I prefer to remember the strong, laughing Linda!  Memories of our walks, going to Bible Study together, sitting next to each other in church, road trips, retreats, stamping, scrapbooking, thrifting, so many adventures!

Even with the chemo, Linda loved to sit on her deck and enjoy the sunshine.
Now she basks in the light of our Lord!

Linda, I love you!  You'll always be my friend!


Kim James said...

So sorry. Praying for all.

bsmeer said...

Nice words, you and her family are still in my thoughts and prayers.

Dazee C. said...

I had been checking her blog praying she would be getting better. So sorry to hear this news. Prayers of comfort for you, Kevin and everyone who loved her. She left a wonderful mark on my life. RIP friend, may your wings lift you high.

Jake's a Girl said...

Linda Loves Chocolate. Bless her heart. I always loved her sense of humor. Prayers for her family & friends.


I am so sorry...I sure know how hard it is to have your BFF to go to the arms of Jesus. May you feel God's arm of comfort around you during these days ahead.

Carla Kincaid said...

Debbie this is a beautiful tribute to a loving friend.

Bonnie F. Annis said...

What a beautiful tribute to Linda. Thank you for sharing. I will continue to pray for you and for Kevin. I'm so thankful Linda was saved and we know we'll see her again one day soon. She has a beautiful new and perfect body now and oh, how blessed she is to be in the presence of Jesus now and forever more.

Theresa said...

I am SO sorry to read this:( I have been following along on this battle and prayed daily! Heaven gained a most precious Angel, selfish to want her back with us but we will miss her sweet face here on Earth! HUGS

Doris said...

I am so sorry. Linda would comment from time to time on my blog posts. Since I've not seen any comments in awhile and I haven't seen a new post of her's in a long while, I decided to check.
She is missed for certain. But how wonderful that she is now more whole than ever before!

Gert said...

Oh, Linda I'm so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Big ((hug))

Sue said...

I have been wondering how Linda was and kept checking her blog. Today I checked on it again and decided to look over the blogs she had listed. I picked yours to click on and I'm glad I did since you wrote about Linda. I'm sorry for your loss. I only know her through her blog but I always looked forward to reading a new entry from her. I will be praying for all of you and especially Linda's grandsons.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. She really does glow in the sunshine. Sweet hugs, Diane

NanaDiana said...

I don't know how I missed this, Deb! I guess with the Christmas rush I got distracted and then I took off between Christmas and the new year. I am so so sorry. I had a card sitting here to go to her and here it sits. I overlooked it when I mailed Christmas cards-otherwise she would have got it on the 22nd or 23rd. Not meant to be--and she would not have known anyway most likely.

I know you must be grieving the loss of her. She was such a good friend to you and I know that her husband has now lost two wives to cancer. God bless him. AND how awful to lose someone at Christmas time. Christmas will always be bittersweet for all of you now- remembering the good times and the loss associated with Christmas.

I hope you are finding some happiness in the new year, Deb. Love to you- xo Diana

Jody Gabara said...

Sorry to hear about your friend. Sending prayers to you and her family.
Hugs, Jody

Linda said...

I am so, so sorry for your loss. :( It is never easy to lose someone close to us, and my heart goes out to you. I will keep you and the family in my prayers. I hope that 2017 will be very good for you. Sending you warm hugs and much love, and I am happy that you got to spend some time with her and her husband before she passed.

White Lace and Promises said...

I have prayed for Linda this year. I didn't realize your connection. For a long time I couldn't remember her name and I prayed for the Chocolate lady because of her blog name. I am so sorry for your loss. I'm sorry to know that she will not be in blogland. Prayers for you.

monica said...

I am sorry to read this. Linda was a one very strong woman. I'm sure she is having a blast in heaven but no doubt she misses her husband and you and many more.
Take care, Monica

Terra Hangen said...

What a sweet and carefree photo of Linda, at the end of this blog post. It is good to recall her that way. Her adventures continue in heaven.